Shinobi Honor Bound

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Shinobi Honor Bound

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What is this?
This Site is by Private Invite only. This means that this site will only accept new members at the Webmaster's discretion. Shinobi Honor Bound is a narrative driven RPG. The selected members will function as a Genin Team and gradually rank up towards higher ranks together. Most combat and story will be driven with and for the selected members of the site. The Staff (who will not be able to have characters of their own - until the future allows), will function as NPC and the Dungeon Masters for the small group of 4. This was done to prevent and bypass many problems. For one there will be no need to balance things relative to other member creations. There will be no need of OOC bickering leading to IC bickering or vice versa as well. This environment will allow members to expand their characters as 'characters' and not a simple tool to Player Kill.

When and Where

It spans in an alternative universe in a time that predates the canon universe of Naruto Uzumaki. Roughly the time is before the formation of Konohagakure. However there are small alliances that consist of various shinobi families. They are not big enough to be considered a hidden village but rather a small community of perhaps 30 combat ready Shinobi. Many of these are scattered all over the world. These cluster behave both as mercenaries for hire as well as self sustained villages. Some Shinobi families have chosen to accept a lord and work as militant branch for some feudal lords or even wealthier merchants. There is currently however no union of Shinobi big enough to be considered an independent nation or power.

The technological era of this current timeline is more or less feudal Japan. The canon depiction in the start of the series is more or less the technology available to members. However certain items such as computer monitors, security cameras, radios and guns are non-existent. Steam powered vehicles and machines however do exist. Steam boats, gas stoves, Spot lights and some industrial machinery from old eras will be available. Please ask the administrator if you are unsure of a piece of technology to be deemed acceptable in this current universe.

Way of life in Honor Bound can be currently considered a peaceful one. However it does not mean in abundance. Smaller villages civilian and shinobi alike get by with enough to eat and enough to have clothes on their backs. Gold is a trading commodity if you're in a position of power such as a feudal lord or the leader of a merchant guild. Commoners trade mostly in food such as rice grain, leather pelts, silk if they know their business and often hard work. It is considered the norm to trade in weapons as the metal from arrow heads, kunai and even Katana are valuable. Peaceful at its current state, fighting between two groups are to be considered feuds or internal bickering rather than full on wars. However there is no love between groups but rather a calm approach for self preservation is what keeps the peace.


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