Guide to Creating a Character

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Guide to Creating a Character

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:22 am

A quick guide to making a character.

I'm going to start out by apologizing. There isn't a format that I can build this upon and a lot of this is me eye balling it. This concept is still growing and I would love it if you gave me your support and understanding. First off, I would like to give as much room for your perceived character to grow as much as possible. I, however, would like to be involved in the process of such. Talk to me before, during or even after your character creation. I will try and cater to you as much as possible. This includes pre-existing KKG as well as custom KKG.


When creating your character your personality is the most important aspect. Not only will it determine how you will play your character but how the NPC respond to it and most importantly how the environment treats your character. Your character might be a paranoid person and I as the NPC master will describe to you a world that appears threatening. A person with a diligent lifestyle, I would be more inclined to helping you learn a new jutsu or refine a pre-existing skill. A clumsy shinobi I might make them accidently set off an explosive tag on their person while they unholstered a Kunai belt. Though I will never power play to the extent of your character being utterly screwed, please try and make your character have a good balanced between good traits, bad traits and unique traits to make it more interesting. I as someone who invited the private players trust that this aspect will be done well by you.

Growth and Progression.

Here I am going to talk about progressing your character in terms of Skills. These include KKG progression, mastering a Nindo (Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu etc). What your character does IC will determine your character's progression. Someone who has a basic skill in let's say Kunai throwing and never actually throws Kunai will not progress in that skill. I will seldom give the players a free upgrade in a field they have never explored IC. I will have resources available in the world to help your character explore what they like. Learnings things this way will be realistic. If you try to scope too much your learning will be poor. Pouring more focus onto one area will increase learning and mastery rates. However at the same time Fixation might cause specializing. This does not mean that its a bad thing.

Skills and Profiency.

Starting out as a Genin, I'd expect on average the Shinobi to have mastered all Academy Jutsus. I will post a list of basic Ninjutsu other than the academy jutsus that you may pick from as a starter. In terms of Skills, I do not believe the Shinobi of genin calibre to be able to delve into certain styles of Nindo. For now I am putting medical, genjutsu, fuuinjutsu and puppetry as a skill you have to pick up IC.

From the get go however, your characterstart with a basic skills in; Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu. Kenjutsu at this level, you are able to hit a 30cms dinner plate at 10 meters. Though it might be different when the target is moving or you yourself am moving. Ninjutsu at this level means you can easily do your academy jutsus. You are yet to have discovered your elemental alignment but D-rank Jutsus are something within your learning and practical use scope. In terms of Taijutsu you know your basics. You have been in a few fights and you know a thing or two. How the crunch feels under your fists, the pain of being punched and kicked. You can be considered a scrappy fighter.

When you start your character you can put 1 point into either of those 3 skills. If you start all those skills at 1, putting a point into means you'd have a 2. 2 in Taijutsu would mean you could hit a moving target within 15 meters. You yourself could be moving as well and hit a stationary target. However crazier throws like back flips throws and such are harder. You can curve a shuriken a moderate amount when standing still. Ninjutsu you are what considered to be ready to take a Chuunin exam. Normally an older shinobi would have showed you your elemental alignment and have started teaching you the basics. You are familiar with creating 4-5 handseals under pressure. Taijutsu you can be considered a practioner of a style. A civillian adult would be heavily beaten up by you as long as they don't over-power you. You know where to hit and can bruise people, with the right tools crack and break bones.


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