Sanhamura (The starting village)

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Sanhamura (The starting village)

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Sanhamura, is Shinobi village located in the eastern regions of the Fire nation. A small community of around a 100 people. The population is a mixture of civillian and shinobi warriors. The civillians are family members as well as craftsmen and village elders who have their value in their work and knowledge rather than combat. The village believes in a communal effort, everyone has a place at the village but everyone must make an effort to contribute to the village. Hired mercenaries as they are, there is a moral code that the village follows to be decent human beings. The village holds good faith with neighbouring towns and civillian populace and those who recognize the village mark invite the shinobi over for at least a drink of water.


The villages main source of income is manual labour in the immediate area. Some villages hire them to chase away bandits while others hire the younger genin as escorts or pack mules for not so valuable goods. The village men have some experience with actual battles against other shinobi groups. In the past lords of far and close lands have paid for the full military service Sanhamura offers. Majority of the village was built from the money earned from these wars and battles. Finanicially speaking Sanhamura is decent, villagers eat at least twice a day and can afford a little luxury here and there. subsistence farming keeps a steady supply in vegetables, some rice and enough milk and occassional meat (mostly chicken and pork, the cattle are used to run the mill or for milk). Most of the meat consumed by the village is hunted. There are an abundance of deer, rabbit, turkey and boar. A portion of their grain however is bought or is payment for jobs they complete. The village has a blacksmith who can forge crude metal. He can produce Kunai and shuriken of average quality. He can maintain and sharpen a Katana but he does not have the material or knowledge to forge one.


Sanhamura is a village within the pastures of the wild. The village wasn't created to be hidden anywhere but it does lie within an arrangement of small hills. These hills are open fields for grazing as well as rice paddies that the village keeps and maintains. The village itself has many thick and old trees (not as huge as the Great forests in the Central regions) and the village virtually lives in a green shade during the summer, a red shade in autumn and a light green in the spring. To the east of Sanhamura a 1 day travel takes you to the great seaside. To the north on 3 days travels take you to the rocky mountains. To the South on half a days travel takes you out to just open pastures where wild animals roam. West takes you deeper into much thicker and ancient forests.


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